Kitchen Styles

There are a world of options to choose from, we have carefully chosen a few top kitchen furniture makers that have their own beautiful styles and ranges which are current in the marketplace.

HOWEVER!  we like to think we can work with a theme, detail, or feel that you might have discovered in a magazine, a hotel, on holiday or Pinterest, as mentioned in our section 'About Us'....................... 

..being a furniture maker to trade coupled with a deep knowledge and experience in using different materials, including timber, glass, metals, polyesters, resins, stone veneers, wood veneers, recycled timbers, oils etc have provided us with a great base to create very specific, unique and top quality designs. 

If you find yourself having looked around the market place and not found something that is quite you!   you could pop in and see what we can create with you, something special, that is very you. 


Classic Shaker



Ultra Modern

Industrial - Warehouse - Rustic